Get quality eyeglass frames at an affordable price !

Frames under AED100 collection is perfect if you are you looking for a pair of cheap , but quality eyeglasses in Abudhabi . You don't have to look for unknown online sellers for an affordable pair of glasses when a reliable optician can offer you a better quality product at a lower price, and after-sale services. This is a great choice for those who need a budget eyeglass pair, or those who are looking for an inexpensive back-up pair.
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Affordable pair of glasses for everyone

We believe, everyone should be able to afford a pair of quality glasses that meets their demands. With our budget line AED 99 frames, we offer a variety of Frame + Lens combinations to meet your visual requirements.

Frame + Standard Single Vision Anti-Reflective Lenses : AED 199/-
Frame + Single-Vision Blue-Block Lenses : AED 299/-
Frame + Single-Vision Photo-chromatic Lenses : AED 299/-

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*Conditions apply. Applicable for a limitted range of prescriptions only.