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Frequently Asked Questions

1How do Cashew, Spotii, and Tabby work?
Buy now and pay later by splitting your purchase into 3, 4 or 6 interest-free installments. Credit and debit cards are accepted.
2How can I order with Spotti, Cashew, orTabby?
Complete a quick application process and they'll notify you in seconds if you've been approved for the splitting of payment. Then you'll select Cashew, Spotii or Tabby as your payment method during checkout.
3How do I contact Spotti for any questions?
If you place an order using Spotti, you can contact them directly by emailing at or visiting
4How do I contact Cashew for any questions?
If you place an order using Cashew, you can contact them by visiting their website or call +971 4 5616811
5How do I contact Tabby for any questions?
If you place an order using Tabby, you can contact them at or download the Tabby app. Additionaly you can talk to the Tabby support on 800 82229
6Do you accept installments for in-store purchases?
Yes, we do accept all three options for in-store purchases as well.
7Are any documents required for approval?
All you need is a valid Emirates ID and a debit card/credit card.