Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the cheapest glasses cost me?

We, at Optic One Opticals could proudly say that we have the best deals on eyeglasses in the city. Our budget eyeglass frames start at AED 99.

If you are looking for a quality pair of complete eyeglasses(Frame +Lenses), our range starts from AED 199/- . Add AED 100 to the basic package to either make your glasses with blue-light blocking lenses or a Photochromatic (Light reactive) lenses.

Our kids’ eyeglasses offer is widely appreciated among parents. We offer Kids Frame+ branded Blue-cut lens combo just for AED 299/-*. (*Available on limited range of prescriptions)

Zeo-prescription computer glasses start from AEd 179/-.(Frame + Blue-cut lenses).

How long does it t take to get the glasses ready, if I order a new pair?

Hands of young female taking pair of new eyeglasses from those of clinician

Depends on your prescriptions and type of glasses, it can vary from 1 day to 3-4 days.
Progressive lenses and some advanced lenses with special coatings can usually take up to 3 days.
But there are premium stock lenses which can be delivered fast. If you wish for urgent, same-day delivery, try to visit the store in the morning time to place the order( before 1.00 pm) and inform our staff accordingly.
However, we will always try to get your eyeglasses ready as fast as we can.
Some special lenses – such as new style colors from Transitions- can take a longer time. We will inform you about the delay accordingly.

Can you do urgent contact lenses home delivery?

We always forget to replenish our Contact lenses on time. But worry not! We have tied-up with Talabat for urgent contact lenses deliveries at your door-step. Search for “Optic One” in your Talabat search, adjust your location, browse our menu, and order your preferred Contacts. Talabat drivers bring it to you within a short time.

What do I do if I need to get the glasses adjusted?

You can head to Optic One at Hamdan Street, whenever you need an adjustment for your glasses. Small adjustments can be done immediately. But for a complicated fixing, you might need to leave your eyeglasses at the store for a day. Please visit between 11.00am-2.00pm/ 6.00pm-10.00pm for adjustments.

How to get my prescription on my sunglasses?

It’s possible to get your sunglasses with a prescription. You can choose between Polarized and Non-polarized lens options, and among different color options. Not all sunglasses are suitable to get the prescription done on it. We recommend you visit the store, and our experienced staff can guide you to pick the right Sunglass for you.

How much does kids’ eyeglasses cost?

We have a special concern when it comes to kids’ eyeglasses. These days kids are more exposed to digital screens by attending online classes and playing games etc. In our special kids’ offer, you have a chance to get additional protection at the price of a basic set of glasses. Our AED299* Kids Offer includes Frame+ Blue-block Glasses. T&C Applies.

Can you home delivery of glasses?

Yes, we can arrange free home delivery inside the city limits of Abu Dhabi.