Biofinity monthly lenses
Biofinity Contact Lenses 6 Lens Pack | Monthly Lenses
November 14, 2020
biofiity toric lenses for astigmatism
Biofinity Toric Contact lenses 6 Lens Pack | Monthly Contacts for Astigmatism
November 14, 2020
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Biofinity XR for High Spherical Powers | 3 Lens Pack | Monthly


Biofinity XR is for high spherical prescriptions and is a special order lens which takes up to 3-4 weeks for the delivery.
If your power is less than -12.00 SPH/+8.00 SPH, please order your Biofinity HERE

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Choose tabby® at checkout to divide the amount into 4 monthly installments. No additional charges.

XR contact lenses are custom-made lenses for high prescriptions and will take 4-6 weeks for the delivery. Need assistance? Ask us on Whatsapp

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Biofinity XR lenses offer you the premium level of comfort that you’re searching for.

Thanks to it’s exclusive Aquaform® Technology, Biofinity lenses allow plenty of oxygen to pass through to your eyes. And their natural wettability won’t rinse off. You’ll enjoy excellent vision with a soft, comfortable lens that’s healthier for your eyes.


  • Material / H20 content comfilcon A / 48%
  • Replacement schedule Monthly
  • Oxygen transmissibility 128 Dk/t (at -3.00D)
  • Design Asphere front surface
  • Base curve 8.6
  • Diameter 14.00

Note: Please make sure the prescription details entered are accurate. XR series lenses are specially ordered lenses just for you and cannot be cancelled/returned/ exchanged once the order is placed.

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