% (Frame + Photogray Lens) Women's Trendy Glasses | Women's Cat Eye Glasses
(Frame + Photogray Lens) Women’s Trendy Glasses | Women’s Cat Eye Glasses
February 7, 2021
Stepper Titanium Frame
Stepper Frame SI20102| Lightweight Titanium Eyeglass Frame
February 9, 2021
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(Frame + Photogray Lens) Women’s Trendy Cat Eye Glasses

Shop women’s cat eye eyeglass with Swarovski crystals on the temples. The Acetate front and metal sides are elegant and stylish.

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% (Frame + Photogray Lens) Women's Trendy Cat Eye Glasses


% (Frame + Photogray Lens) Women's Trendy Cat Eye Glasses


Use your temple-to-temple width to find the total frame width of your glasses. The total frame width of your glasses (both lens frames + bridge) should correspond as closely as possible to your temple-to-temple measurement.

  • For example, if your temple-to-temple width was 132 millimetres , then you should look for a pair of glasses with a width in the 130–134 millimeters range

% (Frame + Photogray Lens) Women's Trendy Cat Eye Glasses



Enjoy high-quality, modern frames + combo deals at an attractive price. To learn more about the deals below. 

Frame + Free Lens Combo Deal

The price given includes the Frame + 1 pair 1.56 standard Anti-reflective prescription lenses, or 1 pair zero power blue-light protection lenses.

The prescription lenses are available up to +/-6.00 SPH & -4.00 CYL but are best suited if your prescription is below +/-4.00 SPH & -2.00 CYL. 

Blue-Block Lenses for additional protection and relief 

Add AED 100 and chose the Blue-light protection lenses. These lenses effectively block harmful blue light emitted by digital screens and other sources. 

Photochromic Lenses ( 1.56 index)

Love to have a gray shade while going out?  These are the lenses that turn dark when going out in sun. Add AED 100 to opt for this option.

Photochromic + Blue-light Block ( 1.56 index)

These lenses have both Blue-light protection and turn dark outside – two-in-one protection. Add AED 150 to choose this option. 

Looking for a pair of premium quality branded lenses along with these frames? Tap the button below to see the premium options.

Premium Prescription Lenses

Use the coupon code ” PremiumRx” to get an additional discount on the frame when buying premium lenses. Have questions or need assistance? Contact us anytime by tapping on the “contact us” button at the bottom right corner. 


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