Diesel Frame
Diesel Eyeglass Frame DL5373 001
January 1, 2021
DL5405 Diesel Frame
Diesel Men’s Eyeglass Frame DL5405
January 1, 2021
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Diesel Frame


Diesel Frame DL5373 052
Frame Type: Full Frame Acetate
Frame Sizes: 53 18 145
Color: Glossy Havana Brown, Silver

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Type of Frame



% Diesel Frame


% Diesel Frame


Use your temple-to-temple width to find the total frame width of your glasses. The total frame width of your glasses (both lens frames + bridge) should correspond as closely as possible to your temple-to-temple measurement.

  • For example, if your temple-to-temple width was 132 millimetres , then you should look for a pair of glasses with a width in the 130–134 millimeters range

% Diesel Frame




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