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Sports Basketball Goggles with Prescription – Large Size
August 27, 2021
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Kids Sports Basketball Goggles with Prescription | 855| Size XS | For Kids Below 8 Years, Small Faces
August 27, 2021
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Sports Basketball Goggles with Prescription | Square, For Medium Face Size


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Sports Basketball Goggles with Prescription for basketball, football any other active sports and the google size is ideal for medium size faces.The nose pads are flexible silicons which is comfortable to use.

Hard frame of the goggles can well protect your eyes from being hurt by fast-moving objects during exercise, like basketball and football. With shatter proof prescription anti-reflective polycarbonate lenses, it’s not only safe to were but also makes the visibility clear.

Portable: The package includes well-made hard box. You can use the bag to carry the goggles easily.

% Sports Basketball Goggles with Prescription | Square, For Medium Face Size

How to order a set of prescription safety glasses/ sports goggles from Optic One?

  1. Choose your favorite frame on website. 
  2. Choose the preferred frame color from the options, if multiple color options are available. 
  3. Select your preferred lens type under ‘Choose lens Type’ option. 
  4. Upload your prescription using the option given under the “payment modes display”. (Scroll down a little bit to view this option)
  5. Click ‘ADD TO CART’ to get your prescription frame & lenses added to the shopping cart and ready to check out. 
  6. If you have any specific requirement, you can always chat with our support using the “contact us” options at the lower right corner, before placing the order.

How long do an order take?

The production time varies according to the prescription and the lens type you choose. The delivery can be expected between 3-6 days in most cases.

What are the given lens options & which one is best for me?

We have simplified the lens selection process for you by just proving the necessary options for a safety glasses pair. Below are the lens options. 

  1. SV Techline 1.59 Polycarbonate Anti-reflective

Polycarbonate lenses are recommended for safety glasses because of their high impact resistance and lightweight nature. This is the standard go-to option for a safety goggle. 

Available Prescription Range  : SPH +6.00 – -8.00. CYL Up to -4.00

     2. FSV Egma Trivet 1.53 / Anti-Reflective 

Trivex is lighter than polycarbonate and offers better clarity as it has better optical quality. Trivex lenses have better resistance to heat and chemicals. But because of it’s lower refractive index ( 1.53) , Trivex will be thicker for higher prescriptions. Choose this option if you need a better quality lenses than Polycarboante and  your prescription SPH is below +/-3.00 with CYL up to -2.00. 

  3. SV Techline 1.59 Polycarbonate Anti-reflective Transitions GEN 8 Gray

Choose this option if you need the Transitions( aka Photochromic / color-changing ) version of Polycarbonate lenses. 

4. SV Techline 1.67 Anti-reflective Coat/Clear

If your prescription is higher than the given polycarbonate prescription range ( above -6.00 SPH up to -6.00 CYL) , you may choose this option. These are not shatter-resistant as polycarbonate. 

5.1.67 Techline Anti-reflective transitions GEN8 Gray

Transitions version of 1.67, if you need the photochromic option. 

6. SV 1.59 Generic Polycarbonate / Anti-Reflective Coat

Looking for an inexpensive polycarbonate option? You may choose this option. These are generic polycarbonate lenses with anti-reflective coat, and available up to SPH -6.00 and CYL up to -4.00.


  • My prescription is -5.00 sph for both eyes. Will the lenses be thick? 

As far as safety glasses are concerned, lens thickness should be the last thing you worry about 1.67 index lenses will be thinner. Still, since these are safety glasses, we recommend choosing the 1.59 Polycarbonate shatter-proof lenses here. Unless you select the metal safety frame, most of the thickness would be covered within the frame. 

  • I will order glasses now. Can I send the prescription later?

Yes, you can send us the prescription later through Whatsapp or mail . 


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