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Active kids need durable glasses that can withstand all their adventures. Nanovista Kids glasses are the perfect solution, with a unique combination of flexibility and strength that can keep up with even the most active child. Parents love that they don’t have to constantly replace broken glasses, giving them peace of mind. Nano flexible eyeglasses are made of best materials and are available in a variety of stylish designs to choose from.

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Siliflex Material

Siliflex ™ is the new plastic thermomoldable TEAR-PROOF material from which all our Nano Optical collection models are made, offering the highest level of flexibility known in prescription eyeglasses. Thanks to its “shape-memory” properties, the Nano indestructible frames are guaranteed to revert to their original shape regardless of the level of stress they are put through. Siliflex ™ frames are 35% lighter than frames manufactured from acetate. Thanks to the featured new twist-proof special “52” hinges, the frames offer Maximum Flexibility and are capable of withstanding opening angles above 270°.

Dual Retainer System

The glasses in the Nano Optical collection are special because they have a unique feature that sets them apart from other brands. They have two different ways to keep the glasses securely on your child’s face, no matter what they’re doing in their daily life. Apart from the standard temple system, each nano eyewear comes with a sports band (head-band). The headband guarantees a tighter hold during more active times of day, whether when playing in the schoolyard games or taking part in recreational activities.

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New Nano Solar Clip | Kids’ Clip-On Glasses

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Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple glasses for your child’s different activities. With the new Nano durable and versatile INDESTRUCTIBLE prescription glasses, fitted with a magnetic solar clip-on, your child can have one pair of glasses that can adapt to any situation. Whether they need clear vision for school work or protection from the sun at the park, these prescription sunglasses with a solar clip-on are the perfect choice for children with unpredictable schedules.

If you’re in need of new glasses for your child, Optic One has got you covered. Our wide selection of Nano flexible glasses come in a variety of sizes and styles, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect fit for your child’s needs.



Are NanoVista Glasses available for all age groups?

Nano Eyeglasses are available for babies, children , teens and adults, with eye-sizes start from 34mm to 54 mm.

Does Nano Vista offer any warranty?

All Nano indestructible and flexible glasses come with 1 year breakage warranty.

How can I order a pair of Nano Glasses?

We suggest you to visit Optic One store to explore the styles and pick the right Nano eyeglasses. If you are unable to visit the store but still want to get a pair , contact us at +971586636885 for assistance.