Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the common questions we receive from customers and their answers. Can’t find what you are looking for? Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support or just open the chat window at the bottom of the screen. We have a dedicated and active customer support to help you. But in case we are offline, please leave your query and we will respond as soon as we get back online, through email.

General FAQs

  1. How do I order a product from OpticOne.ae?

    Ordering a product is not at all complicated.

    > Browse around the site and add products to your basket by simply clicking on the “Add to Cart” button.

    > Followed by that, a pop-up window will appear asking whether you want to “Proceed to Checkout” or “Continue Shopping.” If you are done with shopping, you can proceed to checkout. Additionally, you can click on the “shopping bag” icon at the top-right corner on a desktop, or just below the topmost Optic One logo on a mobile, to proceed to the check-out page.

    > On the checkout page, you can still edit the product quantity or remove any products if required.

    > Now, you can complete the address field and proceed to make the payment for your order safely.

    >If you want to create an account, simply check the “Create account” checkbox, and the system will ask you for a username and password. This is optional but useful to track your purchases through “My Account”.

    > For the payment, you can choose Card Payment, Cash On Delivery, or one of the installment plans. Learn more about the eyewear installment options here

  2. How long does it take to deliver an item?

    The delivery time can vary slightly based on the products and delivery location.

    Frames, Sunglasses, and certain contact lenses will be delivered next day if you order before 2.00 pm Frames+ Prescription Glasses and some contact lenses might take 2-4 days.

    Rarely, Astigmatism, Multifocal, and Plus (+) power prescription contact lenses need a special order, which might take 4-6 weeks. Therefore, if you use contact lenses from the above categories, we recommend ordering your replenishment before completely running out of stock.

    You can always use the Whatsapp button on each product page to contact us directly for any questions, including delivery time. We can update you in real-time about the availability so that you can confidently order.

  3. Can I buy an eyewear product and pay in installments?

    Yes, of course. We offer installments both online and in-store. For online purchases, just choose tabby, spotti or cashew as the payment option during checkout and complete the process as guided. You can pay the amount in 3, 4 or 6 monthly installments.

  4. Do I have to create an account to order from opticone.ae?

    No, you can choose to check out as a guest. However, creating an account allows you to save your purchase details, prescription information, wishlist, and other preferences which can make shopping on OpticOne quicker and more convenient.

  5. How can I order a frame and prescription lenses?

    Simply add the frame to the cart and tap on the “Choose Lenses” button. You can select the lenses from Entry-level, Quality budget, and premium options. On the lens page, simply choose the lens index, lens type, and coating and proceed to checkout.
    If you don’t have much knowledge about the lens types, please read the description under the Additional Information tab, or contact us anytime for assistance.

  6. Is the shipping free?

    Shipping is free if your order value is above AED 100.

  7. I like something, but I won’t buy it now. How can I save it for later?

    It’s easy. You just have to create an account by clicking on the “Log in/ Register” button. The button is on the top-right corner on the desktop and just above the top Optic One logo on mobile. Once you create your account, you can click/tap the heart icon on the top left corner of the product image to add it to your wishlist.

  8. I found a defect in the Sunglass/eyeglasses I bought. What can I do?

    All our products are thoroughly examined before dispatching, and we take multiple photos of the product before packing to ensure its quality. But if you find a defect in the product you just received, contact us immediately by call, WhatsApp, or mail with proof of the defect.

  9. I have a frame and just need to get the lenses fitted online. Is it possible?

    We offer a pick-up and delivery service for such situations. We can arrange a pick up of your frame, get the lenses fitted and deliver. Please contact us through Whatsapp or email at e-store@opticone for details.

  10. How can I exchange a product after purchase?

    You may read our detailed Return/Exchange Policy here.

  11. I have a question that is not mentioned here. Where can I ask?

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

    You can use the chat window at the bottom of the screen. Our support is online most of the time. If they aren’t, please leave your message, and we will still get back to you by mail.

Product Related FAQs

What are your prescription lens brands?

We dispense premium lenses from brands such as Essilor, Rodenstock, BBGR, and Kodak , and budget-line brands such as Egma, Techline & Vega. Want something cheap? We have our line of generic lenses as well.

Are your products authentic?

As a reputed and highly trusted Optician, we have a zero-tolerance policy towards counterfeit, fake, or replica goods. All branded products- including Frames, Sunglasses & Contact Lenses & prescription lenses are genuine products from original brands. We don’t sell replica/ first-copy/ parallelly supplied products in our store or online.

How much do your cheapest glasses cost?

We offer a complete set of glasses for as low as AED 199 as a special offer package. Even with our cheapest package, you can choose a clear, Photochromatic, or Bluelight filter lens along with the frame based on your requirement.

Are your cheap prescription glasses worth it?

Cheaper lenses generally are manufactured using low-quality materials and most of the stores offer generic lenses. But that’s where the difference happens between Optic One & other stores. With our affordable eyeglasses package ranging from AED 199 -AED 349, we offer Kodak branded lenses, and you can choose between clear, photochromic, or Premium blue light filter Kodak branded lenses.
A 1-year warranty covers both frames & lenses for any manufacturing defect.

How to get the right size frames?

If you have existing glasses, check the sizes and use the filters to sort out similar-sized frames. You can read more about it here https://opticone.ae/2022/09/13/how-to-choose-the-right-frame-size/