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August 7, 2022
% How to choose the right frame size?

How to choose the right frame size, online? .

Do you find it challenging to choose the right-sized glasses online without a store attendant to help you or be able to try on each pair to see how it looks? We understand shopping online for a pair of glasses might be a bit hard, but it gets easier if you know how to tackle the challenge.

Let’s get familiarize with the dimension terminology first.

Eye Size

Eye size is the horizontal width of one of the lenses. It’s measured in mm and often ranges from 32-62. Eye sizes of 50 or less are considered ‘Small,’ 51 -53 ‘Medium’, and 54 and above are ‘Large.’

Bridge Size

it is the distance between the lenses. It’s the size of the “bridge” of the frame that rests on your nose. The bridge size of most eyeglass frames will be 14 to 24 mm.

Temple Length

It is the length of the “arms” or “stems” of the frame and generally ranges from 120 to 155 mm. 135-140 mm fits mostly for women and 145 mm for men.

% How to choose the right frame size?
Scenario 1- You have an existing pair of glasses

The task is relatively easy if you already have eyeglasses that fit you well. Your glasses may have numbers, which indicate three frame dimensions, printed on the inside of the temple arm or inside the bridge ( rarely, you’ll find them on the innner-side of notepads in some acetate frames) .

% How to choose the right frame size?

The numbers we need to look for, will always be in a sequence of 3, as in this example; 51-18-140. The lens width ( also known as eye-size) is the number on the left side of the rectangle ( 51 here). The number on the right side of the rectangle is the bridge size. This is the distance between the two lenses – the part that fits on your nose and will be the smallest number among the three. Finally, the largest number ( here, 140) is the length of the arms on your glasses. Just match or go close to these measurements for a similar fit and feel.

Use our filters to sort out eyewear that has the same or close numbers ( The eye-size, bridge, and temple length) . You can go +/- 1 or 2 mm from the existing one, which shall still fit fine in most cases.

Scenario 2- You don’t have a reference glasses 

Perhaps you’re shopping online but unsure how to measure yourself for a pair of glasses that fit well. You can do that simply by using a measuring tape or a ruler. 

  1. Stand in front of a mirror and hold the ruler in line with your temple
  2. Measure the distance between your temples in centimeters.
% How to choose the right frame size?

Now that you have measured your face, calculate the total frame width of the glasses you want. This would be a sum of both the lenses width (54+54 ’ in our above example), plus the bridge width (18, in our example). Your frame size can vary by +/- 3mm from your measurement. Simply choose a frame size that is around the length of your face. We have also displayed the Total frame width and frame height dimensions which can be sorted out using the filters.

% How to choose the right frame size?
Total Frame-Width

It is the total edge-to-edge front width of the frame/ sunglasses


This is the vertical height of your eyeglass lenses at the widest point of the lens within the frame.

You may notice that for many frames, the total frame-width is different than the values of eye-sizes and bridge added together. This is because of the side extension or hinge extension . The eye-size may be small but the extended hinge will contribute to the total width.  Here’s an example. This Aviator sunglasses’ eye-size is relatively small, but the side extension adds to the total width.

flat aviator sunglasses

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