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November 8, 2020
clariti toric 90 lens pack
Clariti 1 Day Toric 90 Lens Pack | Daily Disposable for Astigmatism
November 12, 2020
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Clariti 1 Day Toric | Daily Disposable Contact lenses 30 Lens Pack


Clariti 1 Day Toric offers a high-precision design so your patients can experience excellent optical performance and consistent correction of astigmatism.


Usually delivered within 2-3 working days from the date of order. If there is any delay, our Customer Service will contact you to update the status or suggest an alternative. Need assistance? Ask us on Whatsapp

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  • Vision correction for astigmatism
  • Silicone hydrogel material
  • Supports excellent all-day comfort
  • UVA and UVB protection*
  • Daily replacement lenses
  • Clariti 1 day Toric -Now enjoy all the convenience of a 1-day lens and the healthier advantages of silicone hydrogel in one lens—clariti 1 day toric contact lenses from CooperVision. Silicone hydrogel means whiter eyes and a healthier lens-wearing experience.

    The clariti 1 day lens allows 100% corneal oxygen consumption. In fact, it provides up to 3x the Dk/t of some hydrogel 1-day toric lenses.


    • Material: somofilcon A
    • Water Content : 56%
    • UV protection: Yes
    • Replacement schedule: Daily
    • Oxygen transmissibility: 57 Dk/t (at -3.00D)
    • Pack Size : 30 Lenses
    • Design: Aspheric
    • Base curve: 8.6
    • Diameter: 14.3
    • Wearing schedule: Daily Disposable

    Power Range

    Spherical Power 0 to -6.00 (in 0.25 steps)
    -6.00 to -9.00 (in 0.50 steps)
    Cyl Power : -0.75, -1.25, -1.75
    Axes : 10,20,60,70,80,90,100,110,120,160,170,180
    For Cyl Power -2.25 – Available axes are 10,20,90,160,170,180

    Plus Spherical +0.25 to +4.00 (0.25 steps)
    Cyl Power -0.75,-1.25,-1.75
    Cyl Axes. 20,70,90,110,160,180

    * Rarely, some prescriptions may not be available with the supplier and might need 4-6 weeks time to process the order and deliver the lenses. If that happens, we will let you know before proceeding with the special order and if you are not willing to proceed, we will give you a full refund.


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