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July 22, 2020

New Eyezen Start Single Vision Lenses- Why are they perfect for our digital life-style?

Eyezen start is the latest innovation in single vision lenses.

What are single-vision lenses?

Single-vision lenses are lenses used to correct vision for a single distance. That means they work for nearsighted or farsighted people (distance-vision or near-vision), but not for those who need both far and near sight corrected. If you use eyeglasses and you are below forty, most likely, you are using single-vision glasses.

Standard single vision lenses are calculated to compensate visual defects by considering prescription in distance vision only. This means the optical center of the lens is placed at the distance direction. The optical center is the central point of the lens through which a ray of light passes without suffering any deviation, and the wearer enjoys the best clarity of vision. 

% Eyezen Start

We are spending more time on digital devices these days. As we look down to view the devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, we use an area of the lens located away from the center where the prescription is not well optimized and vision often not as sharp. As a result, we experience visual fatigue, which is also associated with exposure to blue light from devices.

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The lens aberrations and distortions increase from the optical center to the periphery of an optical lens. Wearers may not identify this loss of visual acuity, but their eyes then need to work harder to compensate for these aberrations, and this can cause visual fatigue. 

But, it’s all history now. Now, we have advanced single-vision Eyezen Lenses. 

For the first time in our single vision lenses:

– The whole lens surface is optimized for both distances and near vision thanks to 2 reference points.

– Eyezen Start brings the right power throughout the lens according to the wearer’s objects’ location and gazes direction.

– Wearers benefit from sharper vision when using digital devices.

% Eyezen Start


  • Help you see more clearly and comfortably regardless of the size of the screens (even the smaller ones!) and the distance from which you look at them.
  • Protect your eyes against harmful blue light
  • Provide sharp vision all-day


Everyone deserves the most comfortable vision possible. 

If you use digital devices daily, and whether you have or have not experienced digital eye strain yet, Eyezen is the clear choice to help you relax and protect your eyes. That’s why Eyezen lenses are available to everyone, whether you wear glasses or not.

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