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December 7, 2020
% How to get the sizes from existing eyeglass?
How to get the sizes from existing eyeglass?
May 25, 2021

Essilor Fit™ Technology – Personalized Measurements For Enhanced Visual Comfort

Most of us love ready-made shirts, don’t we? It’s an easy buy- try a couple of shirts, get the one that looks and fits good, and walk away. On the other hand, bespoke shirts are something many hardly do in these day’s busy lifestyles. But remember the comfort and fit we get after a week’s waiting time? It feels so well, with perfect size, length, and fit, because it’s just made for you- with measurements based on your body size and weight. Your confidence shoots up whenever you are in your well-tailored, perfect-fit shirt.

You are reading this article most probably because either you wear glasses or have someone who wears them. This is how we all get the glasses commonly- we go to the Optician, select the frame and lenses and order the glasses. But remember, each frame style is different; the tilt, the resting position on your nose, the front curve, etc. varies from frame to frame, and most importantly, these changes can affect the visual comfort.

% Essilor Fit™ Technology - Personalized Measurements For Enhanced Visual Comfort

This is where FIT technology plays its role. We wrote about a ready-made shirt at the beginning of this post. A regular eyeglass order is quite similar to that- we select one frame that fits and looks good, and the Optician fits our lenses in it. With FIT, we go beyond this level.

How does FIT Technology work?

The personalization process of Fit  technology is based on three individual wearing parameters.

Pantoscopic Tilt

Pantoscopic Tilt is the angle from the bottom of your glasses (at the cheek) to the top of the frame. Some glasses have flat frames, but most will tilt slightly, so the top portion of your glasses is slightly further from your face than the bottom

Wrap Angle

This shows how curved/ flat is the frame.

Vertex Distance

Vertex distance is the distance from the front surface of the cornea to the back side of a lens that is mounted in a frame and being worn by the patient.

So with FIT technology, we consider not only the glass prescription but also the fame design and wearing habits, by additionally measuring the above parameters with the help of a special device. This will maximize the lens performance and enhance the visual comfort to the end-user. It will be a lens tailored for you, based on the frame position on your face- just like a bespoke shirt.

FIT Availability

FIT is available in Varilux Progressive Lenses and Eyezen Advanced Single-Vision Lenses.

Well, since you have read so far, let’s show you the most interesting part of this article.

At Optic One Abu Dhabi, we offer a free upgrade to FIT category lenses from standard Varilux or Eyezen lenses for a limited time. That means, you are paying for a standard lens, but you’ll get upgraded tailor-made lenses with maximized visual comfort.

Planning for a new pair of glasses? Look no further. Visit us for the best value for money lenses and frames.

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